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Shafter is partially correct...the main culprit during the U.S. Civil War, was the Sharps breechloading carbine and rifle. Luckily...I had two experienced Sharps carbine shooter's by my side --- when I locked up and froze the action on my newly bought Sharps Carbine, due to fouling on the third shot; at our range.

That's when one of the fellow Sharps shooter's told me the story about the Civil War soldiers, who had to "pee" on the action of the Sharps {while in battlefield action} inorder to clean & lube the action on the Sharps.
He hosed down the action on my Sharps, with a spray bottle solution mixture of: 30% Simple Green/30% hydrogen peroxide/30% rubbing alcohol --- wiped it off with a rag --- and lubed up the action with hi-temp water pump grease.

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