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Convert a closet to a locking gun cabinet

I know it won't be secure from a determined thief but my goal is keep my guns secured from my kid, her friends, visitors, workmen etc.

The closet in question is pretty small. My initial thoughts were to buy a safe and put it in the closet but the narrow door opening limited what I could buy. The closet interior is about 2' X 1.5' and the door opening is only 17" so I decided that I may be better off just hardening the security on this closet a bit and dressing up the inside. The closet is sort of hidden. There is a different doorway next to this closet that leads from the den to the another section of the house and when that door is open, which it is 90% of the time, then this closet is not visible behind the open door. Right now it just has a cheap hollow core door with exterior hinges and no lock. I am going to buy a solid core door and replace the door knob with a dead bolt, use invisible hinges and a hidden touch latch that pushes the door open.

I think that's it for the door. The inside has plenty of shelves that I used to use for CDs before the MP3 revolution. What else should I do? It's hardwood floor so I guess something soft for the rifle butts to sit on. Line the shelves? Rifle rests? I've never had a gun safe/cabinet so not sure what I should do in there. I've only got two rifles and three handguns and accessories so I know this is more room than I need but I'll probably use it for other stuff that I also want out of site.

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