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Bingo!! Well it looks like Turkey Oak hit the mark spot on and caught that elusive Brass Ring this time. Fellers y'll got to open his Link for a look see. Then come back and let us know what you think?
Based on what I've seen listed for "Parent cartridge" on wikipedia over the last 5 years, or so, I'd say about 30% of them are wrong. ...Not to mention, I was part of the "WikiProject Firearms" editors team for a while.

The in-fighting and arguing amongst the people that were supposed to be verifying the information was bad enough that I gave up.

The wikipedia articles on cartridges are a half-decent starting point, to find citations for further reading. But, wikipedia, itself, should not be trusted.
Any idiot on the internet can modify the information at any time.

For a time, while I was still an active editor, the 'Parent' for .35 Whelen was getting changed back and forth between .30-03 and .30-06, almost weekly by random people. About every 3rd or 4th edit would also include statements about Handi-Rifles blowing up, or the shoulder being too small to safely head space, or even that it's safe to shoot .35 Whelen in a .30-06 (yea... ).

In response, some one posted the following. To me, it pretty much sums up WikiProject Firearms, as a whole:
If this project continues to propagate false information, I'm going to start re-writing every article I come across, and leave the citations and links to project members. Get it together! Do some simple research, if you don't actually know what you're talking about. That's the whole point here - CORRECT information, not just the crap Jim Bob's Uncle's Dog's Owner's Roommate's Newphew said was the history of these cartridges.
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