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-22lr for sure is relevant.
-I'd leave out the 32s. H&R has been replaced by the .327 Federal which is practically obsolete due to lack of consumer interest. Definitely not relevant.
-38 Special is still going strong, especially in snub noses.
-357 Magnum, still the most popular Magnum revolver cartridge.
-41 Magnum, while a great round, has been circling the drain pretty much since it was introduced. It does have its cult following but ammo is hard to find on the shelves and component bullet selection is pathetic. Not relevant.
-44 Magnum definitely relevant, 44 Special not so much anymore. Anything it can do the 44 Magnum can do and do it better.
-45 Colt is still going strong, especially in SASS. Relevant, especially to me since I load it and shoot it and love it.
-All the big super Magnums (454, 460, 500 S&W, etc.) are more boutique rounds without much broad appeal. Not very relevant to me.
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