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Rainbow Demon said:
I've seen a very odd situation involving a Dan Wesson in .44 Magnum.
The owner found he could no longer get the barrel shroud off.
The barrel had bulged in several places locking it into the shroud , which had matching bulges.
How this happened I don't know, only saw for a moment it while a gunshop owner was examing it.
Could have been excessive pressure handloads.

To remove the barrel for replacement they would have to cut away the barrel shroud.
My son-in-law had the same problem. We thought back and tried to re-construct our last outing. We had been shooting near a large creek (plinking) that had ice in it, also some snow covered the ground. We theorized that droplets of water had entered the bore as we were shooting that caused the swelling of his .357 Mag. Dan Wesson. Yep, barrel and shroud went the cut-off route.

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