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Out of Stocks

Don't be totally down on availability. While this is potentially on the heels of the new Gun Control threat post the heinous killings of young children (that no Pro Gun person supported this cowardly and vicious murdering, but the media makes it seem we think it is okay), it is also part of the annual post holiday sales glut. Remember, tons of gun gifts and redeeming of money cards given during the holidays usually brings down on hand supplies.

Unless manufacturers are being paid NOT to build their products (hate to even think that the government would do that to work gun control), we should see quite a bit of these items back on the shelves and shopping carts of websites soon.

Experience tells us that they will cost more, and in some cases, significantly more. Even with gun legislation looming, most seems ridiculous and manufacturers will advance their production to maintain sales (profits, yes, not every gun company is there for just the 2nd amendment) prior to any potential changes.

In the process, watch what retailers back away from the whole "gun issue" (Hey Dick's, I just switched to Modells and Bass Pro Shops), plan to boycott them, and prepare to keep tally of your elected officials so next time we don't forget how the fork tongue wiggles two ways.

Political Addendum - Just an FYI: Under former President George W. Bush, 575 American soldiers died and fewer than 3,000 were wounded in Afghanistan. This means under Obama, at least 1,405 soldiers have died and nearly 15,000 additional soldiers have been wounded, which means 70% of the deaths and nearly 80% of the injuries in Afghanistan have occurred under Obama’s watch. (Note 8 years under Bush, 3.75 under Obama)
The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. ~ Samuel Adams ~
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