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IMO any of the current production guns out there with maybe the exception of the FA's could use a tune up straight from the factory. Even the venerable Blackhawks will last much longer with some polishing, just ask the CAS shooters.

Aside from that there are guns that are better than others but at the same time they are all subject to failure in componets, materials and workmanship. Whoever's out there spewing Ruger's are a distant 3rd in the durability department needs to do some major soul searching and stop being such a fan boy. There is nothing inherantly more durable with the S&W and Colt designs and in many cases they are less so. You may beleive they are better but better is a very broad term subject to many parameters. Durability is just one of those. But neither of those is anymore durable than a Ruger. For heavy loads or lot's of shooting I'll take a Ruger over a Colt anyday and over a S&W most days.
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