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A for instance. Wife and I came up on a B&E. Told PD was several minutes away. I told dispatch we'd stay in the vicinity and try to get any descriptions. We parked 1/2 block or so away where we could see the front, one side of building, and some of the rear 'yard'.
First responder arrived and backup said he was 10 minutes away. (I have a scanner.) I flashed my lights, stepped out and slowly drew and held my weapon up, flat-side out and said I would cover him from the sidewalk. He reported that and went in with me covering the doorway.
When 3-4 more cars rolled up, I went to a relaxed position, weapon pointed up and most went past me into the building. At least two thanked me as I reholstered. I stayed outside and gave a report when all was 10-4.

You did a...what?

You're on the job, aren't you?

I second Powdermans question. Are you on watch?

Vigilante moves are really grey to most people.
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