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Two thoughts on glocks re: reloading ....

1. lead thru a factory barrel does indead make for leading issues, and quickly. This raises pressures.

2. "De-glocking" cases fired in a glock work hardens the brass in the web area that was unsupported during firing. Probably not a big deal .... once. Do it repeatedly with the same case? You might get away with it for a while, as a different part of the case might get bulged each time .... eventually, though.....

The only guys I know that blew up their Glocks did so with .40 S&W reloads. One suspects a double charge. He was using jacketed bullets (he used Zero brand, IIRC) and Titegroup in a fully supported aftermarket barrel. The other was shooting many-times-fired brass and lead boolits over Titegroup in a Factory barrel.
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