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In my experience, 100 yards is a pretty reasonable estimate of a range for a death run, but that actually means an area of 6.5 acres and within that area, there is a lot of places a hog can hide on the properties I hunt.
Yep, tell me about it. Last spring i shot a huge boar with a .50 muzzleloader. Looked for two hours no avail. It was a 125 yard shot and i wrote it off as a miss. Two weeks ago i kick started my eastern red cedar eradication program on that place. One big cedar had limbs to the ground. Chainsawed the limbs off that cedar to fell it and there was the bones of my big hog. He went about 80 yards after being shot.

My three favorite hog hunting stands have mostly unobstructed vision for at least 100 yards in front and to the sides. From one of those stands i've killed 8 hogs that went over 300 pounds. Four went over 350 pounds.

IME: The bigger the lung shot hog the longer he is likely to run. After they hit the ground they usually kick for 30-45 seconds before expiring. This is Osama bin Laden: Osama went about 120 yards after being double lunged with a .50 muzzleloader. i watched him all the way. He kicked a long time after falling.

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