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It will be telling to see what public statements and positions people such as Harry Reid and John McCain take up.
I'm not too interested in what they say for the cameras. What they say is often so very different from what they do.

If Reid starts pushing for a ban to get to the floor for a vote, that's when we'll know he's TRULY changed. In the meantime he can mouth support for things while working behind the scenes to make positively sure nothing ever comes up for a vote.

There's a lot of people who have supposedly "seen the light" and have stated support for a ban in the last few weeks. Many of them once had good NRA ratings. Many are even from fairly moderate, if not conservative, areas. They could very easily talk a good game, hear back from constituents, and just go work on other things while making sure they never have to cast a vote one way or the other (where it's tick off your party hierarchy or anger your constituents).

Talk is cheap.
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