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While Josie Wales is a fictional character, Civil War era raiders who carried four or more pistols did exist.
John Mosby's raiders began collecting pistols from the Federal calvary units they defeated. At one time almost every man in the outfit carried a minmum of four pistols, with six or more not uncommon.
Saddle holsters were the prefered method for carrying the Walker and Dragoon pistols, anything smaller was usually described as a belt pistol.

Shoulder holsters, at the time these were called under arm rigs, were fairly common. John Wesley Hardin often used an under arm rig.
Suspender holsters were also in use for concealed carry, even in pre revolver days.

The Walker replica I have fired was extremely accurate and hard hitting. When the lever retention spring broke the owner asked me to fit it with a lever latch similar to the one on his 1851.
Turned out to be easier than I had expected it to be. I had a 1851 style lever and cut off barrel with the proper part still attached.
After dovetailing the walker barrel and grinding down the tip of its lever I bored out the hole and cut the slot for the latch.
Because of differences in size I had to file a flat on the upper surface of the lever so it could engage the latch.

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