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can bullet affect SD ?

doing a load of playing with loads lately on my .204. Noticed the standard deviation on some sets. On my 39 gr SBK's I averaged in the low 20's, on the 34 gr dogtowns I had 2 sets in the 80's and 1 in the 90's.

It might have been a lack of concentration on my part but I thought I had consistent technique. I saw on a another thread where not holding the rifle tight enough could cause a lot of deviation, I can't say for sure but I don't think that was the issue. I was doing the touch the thumb to the nose trick to endure a consistent cheek weld. The powder was RL10x and was measured on my Chargemaster. Now the decapping pin on my neck sizer broke while I was neck sizing that bunch and it might have been a bit bent earlier. I am wondering if I was getting consistent neck tension. Thoughts?

Also opinions on best neck sizer without breaking the bank ? Currently using a Lee collet which I have been pretty happy with.

I have also read that some use full length sizing each and every time with a bushing incorporated into the die to adjust neck tension. The Redding Type S - Full Length Resizing / Bushing Die seems to be popular. Anyone here doing that ?
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