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What if Heroes were the Norm?

What if You read in the newspaper or on the internet or saw on TV, the story of a Hero, who stepped up and took action, and even though You and Everyone Honor that Hero, You realize in a Nation of like minded People that You and almost Everyone Else would have done the same thing?

What if a mass murderer in a School or Movie Theater or Shopping Mall or Restaurant would be confronted by a Fire Team or a Squad or even a Platoon of Legal Concealed Carrying Citizens intent on stopping him in his tracks?

What if every would be mass murderer knew they would be confronted by Law Enforcement or the Military or an Army of Concealed Carrying Citizens as soon as they fired a weapon.

What if the General Public and the Government looked upon an Army of Concealed Carrying Citizens instead of a danger, as Guns for the Common Good?

What if the General Public and the Government looked upon an Army of Citizens with Firearms as a deterrent against Foreign Invasion or even our own Government?

What if we as Concerned Citizens through the NRA started a fund, not for all shootings, but for these mass shootings, a fund to help the Surviving Victims and the Families of the Surviving Victims and the Fallen in their time of need?

What if we started an organization called “Citizens Against Gun Violence” with members who were only “Pro Gun” but concerned about finding solutions to the mental health problems of these mass murderers?

What if We as a People, had the Courage to look out for Everyone, realizing if that were ingrained in Society as a whole, our Country would be a safer and better place for our Loved Ones?

We as Firearms Owners need to forget our differences and come together because we have one heck of a PR Campaign to win.

What if?
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