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I've passed on my best info.
Some are finding acceptable samples, others are not.

The guns I saw on display at SHOT last Jan were mixed, some better than others. Daylight showing between wood & receiver, etc.

The examples I mentioned above in earlier posts were more recent.

I frankly don't know if there's an across-the-board improvement or not.
I like Marlins, they're much easier to clean than a Winchester, and when you get a good one that's well-built & reliable it'll be a great levergun.

I'd heard that the intermittent Marlin Jam issue was being resolved just before Remington moved the operation, but the only Marlin I've had here after the move was a .357 a couple years back that was just too bad to even bother firing, it was returned. No comparison between it & my older .357.

I can't say from personal experience on any Marlin made after the move.
After that .357 it's been a matter of waiting to give Remington sufficient time to implement the equipment & training upgrades they were going through before I tried a new one again.

The Remington exec I talked to said it was a multi-million dollar factory upgrade in three phases scheduled to be finished by now.

My best opinion is the one I keep giving: Don't give up, just inspect carefully.
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