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I've bought 3 BSA's over the years and still own 2 of them. One of them is similar to the one you're looking at (4-16xAO mildot) but without the illuminated reticule. None of these scopes have ever given me a lick of trouble but I find them to be "set em and forget em" scopes. Don't be thinkin you're gonna go cranking on the turrets and find them consistent or resettable. But......

I hate illuminated reticules. I hate AO, and 4-16x AO IR is about a good a fit on a nice compact gun as 36" mudders on a Prius. Also, if eye sight is an issue don't think that magnification is a cure. While BSA's are serviceable they don't have the greatest optics and you'd be better of with something a little better quality. I have 2 of the Redfield Revolution scopes, one in 2-7x and the other 3-9x, and seeing things thru either is much better than the BSA's. The point is that there are clearer $100 scopes than the BSA and anything over 9x is over rated.
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