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With the recent rash of anti-gun proposals, some being so far out there that they want registration to buy ammunition, there is no telling just where this will all go. I feel the best way to stop any of it, is to fight all of it and accept none of it.

That said...

I just recently went to four gun shows in the great State of Virginia over the past month. Each week the shows were becoming less and less guns shows, and more becoming handgun and accessory shows. The show just prior to Christmas, held in Doswell, VA, was very well attended. However, there just was very limited rifles of the semiautomatic variety. Many of these dealers had just been at two of the previous week's shows I attended, and their inventory had dwindled while the buying glut raged on.

Now, the problem we created is that with Feinstein (confiscation) like threats, Bloomberg type antics (can't he just stick to banning soda and super sized fast food), and our buying frenzy, dealers, and no doubt soon manufacturers, will be raising prices quickly. In fact, a typical 30 round 5.56 MAGPUL magazine went from 16 to 40 bucks in the span of a week by the same vendors at these shows, with very limited availability, and.... they were all bought up within the first couple of hours of the show.

I get that demand also creates a price point, and while I am glad gas price is down so I can afford the increase in gun/ammo price, my concern is what is the gun/ammo value? When simple 5.56 is closing rapidly in on $1 per round and bulk sellers are out of stock, what is really going on?

Lastly, I shoot a few 22 LR rifles and pistols, because any type of practice is good practice and the 22 LR isn't that bad on top of that, we are starting to see even this small caliber becoming unavailable. Especially the CCI version of the Velocitor, Stinger and Mini Mag.

In closing, the value is likely going way up on all of the firearms we currently own as long as we maintain them. Ammunition likewise is a premium, because a firearm is pointless without it. The value will be maintained, and by the week, increase. As legislation becomes more on the forefront (the fiscal cliff isn't even fixed, just band aided) the prices will sky rocket, availability will still be hit and miss and our values will soar.

Lock them up, keep them maintained and shoot often to stay in good practice. The best defense is a strong offense. Guns don't kill people, poor legislation does.
The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. ~ Samuel Adams ~
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