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Sport's court post; Fish vs AZ, Ayoob...

I 100% disagree with Sport's remarks.
"Good" shootings are decided by criminal investigators, prosecutors, judges, juries, and to a lesser extent the local media. Like it or not. And, oh, by the way, some sworn LE officers or media reporters or prosecutors may be unethical. Believe me. It's what criminal defense lawyers & court observers call; "testilying".
That doesn't include any civil or wrongful death actions. I'd suggest learning about Fish vs AZ or reviewing some of Massad Ayoob's articles about firearms/lethal force events. Mr Ayoob also has a recorded speeches on .
You should get the best weapon you can afford(ideally a DA only system that's a LE agency trade-in or same type). Ayoob suggests carrying the same model or brand as the local LE agency if possible. The same goes for carry ammunition. Don't use reloads or hand-loads. Ranger-T, DPX, Speer-Gold Dot, and Hornady's new Critical Duty rounds are well engineered. A lawyer or prosecutor would look foolish trying to explain to a jury how your ammunition choice was wrong or reckless if the local PD uses the exact same brand.
I saw a few Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept trade-in 92FS 9x19mm pistols on . I also saw a few decent P89s & P94s around $350.00.

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