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Can these handle [9mm]+P...?
Follow the recommendations in the owner's manual. I am not familiar with either pistol.

FWIW some manuals use somewhat opaque language such as "...this pistol may be safely used with any 9x19mm ammunition loaded per SAAMI, CIP, or NATO industry standards." 9mm+P is loaded within SAAMI industry standards, so unless the manual specifically says "no +P" elsewhere, this statement says you can use it.

Also, 9mm NATO is basically the same thing as 9mm+P, it's just loaded with a round-nose FMJ bullet rather than a jacketed hollow point (JHP) bullet like most +P loads.

OTOH +P+ is NOT loaded within industry standards and most likely WILL void the pistol's warranty, unless its use is officially endorsed in the manual, which is rare.
Or is it better to spend an extra $100-200 and go for PX4 Storm??
Run a Google or TFL search for "Taurus customer service" and decide for yourself. I offer no personal opinion.
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