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I agree with the whole bad guy inside means go elsewhere, kind of like my AR scope, only goes to 400yd, zeroed at 100.

I figure if they are further than 400 it is something I would rather get away from than shoot at.

Really I just wanted to get the feel of blowing big holes in something, we tore some steel plate and other things up at the range, which of course always leads one to say bigger! until the law gets called...

I think I have enough to go on for the fun aspects, as for a permanently stocked slug, I think for price and demonstration the Rem Slugger is going to win my *rounds to keep* award, the others will be my ooo and ahh at the range toys.

Side note @ kraigwy, curious, more wax than sawdust or other way. As well did you press or mold them? I have already figured a bench vise, piece of steel pipe, and a couple of plugs I should be able to soak the sawdust and then press form a fairly solid little load.

Sound abut right?
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