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Your cartridge list........

I was re-reading (for about the tenth time) a few of the chapters from E. Keith's "Sixguns" last night. In this book he list the only cartridges he thought were relevant at the time. His list (revolver only) included .22lr, .25 Stevens rimfire, .32 S&W Long, .38sp, .357, .44sp, .45colt. Sure there's a couple I may of forgot. He also added in his supplement (written 10 or so years after the original publication) the .22M and the .44M. Well Things have changed since then with some of his cartridge being history and others being added so I started thinkin what revolver cartridges I thought were really relevant/useful today. Our list is made easier by time as most of the crappy stuff is long gone but Keith was around to see many many cartridges that even in their best day were really lame. My list:

- .22lr. Cheap and doesn't need reloading. Despite lack of power that's 2 big thumbs up from me.
- .32 H&R Mag. We need something between the .22lr and .38sp. Much better for woods work than any rimfire and one of my favorite cartridges.
- .38sp. Not a fan of the .38sp myself but if I was prone to carrying a lightweight revolver I'd change up pretty quick.
- .357M. Duh. Everyone needs a DA .357M.
- .44sp. I really tried to leave this off the list despite my like of the cartridge. I don't think it's needed but then again if I was gonna chose something in the mid .4's I might very well pick this one over the .45C and the .44M.
- .45 Colt. Like with the .44sp I tried to leave it off. But dang it borders on criminal for a company to manufacture a big bore handgun and not offer it in .45C.
- .44M. IMO hands down the winner for the mid .4's but ya now what? I just don't like it. No style. I'd buy a .44sp, .45C or even a .41M (which doesn't even make my list) before the .44M.
- Something big. I'm not up on any of the powerhouses and don't have a need for one myself. Sure someone can toss in some input on which they think should stay or go. If I had to pick it would be one that could also shoot .45C's.

So that's it, all we need. Everything else can go in the wastebasket. But to tell the truth I didn't leave much off for cartridges currently being offered in guns. The .22M and .17hmr are cartridges I think are foolhardy in handguns, the .327 didn't make my cut, either did the .41M despite the honorable mention. Obviously I didn't touch on traditional semi auto cartridges that can sometimes be had in revolvers. What else did I miss? What would you toss out or add?
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