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The 41 magnum was never intended to be a 44 magnum. It was designed as a step BETWEEN the 357 mag and 44 Mag because most law enforcement people could not tolerate the recoil of the 44 Mag and shoot reasonably well. But law enforcement were uncomfortable with most 41 mag loadings initially available when in fact the plan was to have a lower powered 41 mag for LEO use (about 950 fps with a 210 gr bullet) and a higher powered one for hunters or hobbyists.

The window passed for LEO interest and the revolver era passed as well for LEO's.

All that said, I am and continue to be very satisfied with the 41 magnum.

I generally don't think you should download 41's or 44's to make them "easy to shoot". But a middle powered loading would be very useful. Other calibers can fulfill the low power need.
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