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Personally, I don't feel there is a "right or wrong" way as far as holster position - it's what works best for the individual. I've made holsters for some friends who carry as well - one of the guys prefers to wear a "cross draw" on the belt (he's right handed) so the holster is canted in the opposite direction. I made one for a fellow who rides motorcycles quite a bit - he's right handed and likes to wear his carry piece (snobby) on the belt but in the middle of his back, usually under a jacket or shirt with the tail out. I made a left hand holster for him with a reverse cant to it so he can just reach back with his right hand and it's an easier raw for him instead of having to pull it straight up. Again, it all depends on how you carry and what works best for you.
Agree. There seems to be frequent physical factors that have to be considered which lead to compromise. I saw a picture once where a thin young woman wore a holster OWB in the middle of her back. Being young and thin, she could access the gun with either hand easily resulting in a good choice for her. We old, stiff and overweight guys could not reach a gun there with either hand. So, it would be ill-advised for such as us to mount a gun there, with its only access being when we are seated on a toilet. And then of course, in would be easy to access, on the floor in front of us.
The holsters I make for myself are only worn for a short time, only used for fast-draw practice (Bill Jordan Border Patrol style with an integral steel insert). That is their only purpose and at this time, I do not need anymore for myself. The holsters I make as a hobby will have to appeal to other people, so I have been investigating the hows and whys of the various designs and the input here has been pretty good.

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