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I probably could understand the words in rap music about as well as I understand the words in German music, which by the way, was the first language the constituion was published in: German. But people have been complaining about how bad music is since the first recorded song was available, which was probably ragtime.

It is said, I understand, that if you ask questions in the right way, practically all the rights covered in the bill of rights would be denied by most people. If it is true, that in itself is something to worry about. I suspect that a reason for that is because we are so far removed from the reasons for their existence that we no longer see any reason for them. In fact, even before 1800 there were serious attempts to limit certain freedoms. You could be in serious trouble for criticizing the government. Even now it's not a good idea in some quarters. Even a bumper sticker can be a little risky.
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