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Originally Posted by BlueTrain
Remember also that we are supposed to have a government of the people and by the people. It works a little better if you don't view the system as us and them.
Got to disagree with that... the founders were very clear that they GREATLY distrusted government. The COTUS was certainly never a gentlemen's agreement as part of the "Good Ole Boys Club". Like, hey, this is how we'll do it but just so's it's in writin'...

The deep distrust of government power has proven itself wise over and over again.

While the individuals that make up the government may be part of the "we", they do not operate in full-scale as part of the we. The full-scale is like a black-hole. Feeding on everything that it can suck in and never being satisfied. It just grows and grows and would do so without limit, if not for the "Agreement" between it and the people, and the people's ability, in some way shape or form, to enforce that agreement.

Government is the ultimate example of a necessary evil. Absolutely necessary for a civilized society and absolutely not to be trusted, ever.
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