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I have used a Chargemaster 1500 to load over 15,000 rifle rounds and would buy one again. Fortunately, it just keeps on dispensing accurately so I won't need to.

If you keep it level and wait for it to finish its dispensing cycle, you can get great repeatability.

I know one person who was a bit impatient and wouldn't let the dispensing and settling cycle finish completely. He had OK results with that practice but the accuracy of his groups improved when he learned to let the cycle finish.

I would bet all the electronic dispensers have the same characteristic.

In looking at the adds for the Hornady and Lyman units and comparing them to the Chargemaster 1500, it looks like all three might have a common source for the internals with only minor adjustments to the positioning of the controls in the units packaging for each of the three models.

It would be interesting to have all three in hand to really compare them up close.
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