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Sig 1911 RCS vs. P239 for carry

I am looking at buying another carry gun and am really torn between these two pistols. I am a sig junkie with 2 P226's, 1 P229, and a 1 P228. I want to know what, if any, issues anyone on this forum has with either of these pistols. Caliber difference being what it is I am almost certain I would rather have 8 rounds of .45 acp vs. 8 rounds of 9mm. However I have carried a 9mm for quite some time and love the round and would not feel undergunned defending my family with the round. I have several 9mm's and no .45's never owned a .45 so maybe that answers my question for me! there is really not much difference in size, weight/thickness/length aren't far off. Thanks all!
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