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I have nothing against Carcanos. In fact, I own a 6.5 carbine and rifle. Plus a 7.35 carbine; all I regularly shoot. I have owned more carcanos that I sold or traded away. All, I have fired.
I have been reloading and shooting the carcanos for many years and find these rifles to be extremely accurate providing you use the correct diameter bullets. The correct diameter for the 6.5 is .268 and the correct diameter of the 7.35 is .298.
In the 80s and 90s, I could no longer find bullets of the correct diameter unless I wanted to pay premium prices. Now, bullets of the correct diameter and brass are available again from Graf & Son.
My 6.5 Carcano rifle will shoot exceptional groups at 100yds using Hornady .268-160gr bullets. I have reloaded for the Carcanos using the .264 bullets and accuracy suffered. Accuracy was somewhat better firing Carcanos with near mint bores using .264 but no comparison when using correct .268 bullets. My 7.35 Carcano will shoot exceptional groups using the 128gr .300Hdy bullets.
I agree, the low prices the Carcanos sold for gave the Carcano a cheap undeserved reputation, but IMHO poor accuracy due to use of incorrect bullets factored in as well.
When using original milsurp in original stripper clips, all my Carcanos were great shooters, however milsurp ammo is no longer around
I have never owned a 8x57 Carcano. In my Op, I never said I personally observed Carcano blowing up: Only there were "stories circulating" of such events which goes back to the 60s when Carcanos were available by the thousands.
Thanks Jim for your inputs.

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