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I can't see why the .327 mag was even a thought to begin with?
Why? Cause some folk moaned and whined about how the .32H&R wasn't a true magnum. Hard core reloaders were souping up the H&R to astounding levels and people were talking about what the .32H&R should of been. It was really a very small but LOUD group of folk clamouring for it. Top that off with America's love of anything fast and powerful (i.e. magnumitis) and the .327 was born and I'm sure federal thought it would be a hit Americans being what we are.

Then there are folks like me. People who really like the .32H&R and realize that it may be one of the greatest cartridges. IMO soupin it up is unneeded and if more power is needed it is already available (i.e. .357). The .32H&R is a great small game to coyote cartridge, easy to shoot, easy to load, cheap to load, available in great guns, etc etc. In short it's the cats meow and filled a niche that needed fillin. We need a round between rimfire and .38sp. The .327 however fills only one niche. It's perfect for the guy/gal that wants a snub revolver that holds 1 more round for SD. That's it. It's (the .327) recoil and noise are actually a detriment when compared to the .32H&R and make it less desirable.

Unfortunately the death of the .327 (if it happens) will probably spell doom for the .32H&R also. I really don't see Ruger, Charter, S&W, etc ever stepping back and making the H&R guns again but instead dumping .32's altogether.
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