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You assumed right. So .90 a round or $18. Still more than 30-06. Your comparing apples and oranges. My 6.8 will never be shot as much as my .223s. So whats your point?
My point is that your reloading costs are pretty high: Ur doon it rong.

Even if we go with Jimro's 4 loads and chuck it ..... new Remington 6.8 brass is 50 cents apeice right now at Cabela's. NEW. 50/4= 12 1/2 cents ..... call it 13 cents ....

13+3.5+20+11 =/= 90 ..... maybe it's this "New Math" or something, but even with sales tax of 7%, you are still around 51 cents per round..... times 20 ..... you are just over 10 bucks/box. I am not seeing any 30-06 anywhere for that, unless it is, like a I said, possibly corrosive milsurp crap from some third world "nation" that is younger than the ammo in question.....

It's called "reloading" ..... that implies picking up your brass and loading it ...... wait for it ....... again.

Why are you paying $.55 for once fired brass, BTW?
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