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Don't do to many beach vacations anymore, prefer the mountains as I have gotten older. But once in a while the wife likes to visit Sanibel Island off the coast of Ft. Myers Florida. Beach sand and salt water spray can wreck havoc on the functionality of the mechanics of anything, cameras, radios, fishing equipment or firearms. I don't normally carry at the beach except (like an earlier poster) in the evening or early morning. Sunrise or sunset strolls are always nice down there. If I lived down there and carried concealed frequently at the beach, I would chose either a Charter Arms, or Taurus 5 shot snub nosed revolver. Relatively inexpensive, and reliable. If the OP is the type that just sits under a sun umbrella and relaxes, I see no problem having a firearm at the beach. But I would strongly advise against leaving a firearm in a beach bag, while you're out swimming or engaged in other activities away from your belongings. The theft of unattended belongings (as noted by others) is the biggest crime problem at most public beach areas.

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