Thread: Garand vs SKS?
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For starters I am not an SKS guy but...

1. for general plinking the ammunition for the SKS will be much cheaper vs.
the M1 so you can shoot the SKS more for less $.
2. The SKS is more compact.
3. The M1 Garand, a fine AMERICAN MADE rifle can be damaged by using the
wrong ammunition.
4. Some find the recoil of the '06 excessive.
5. M1 is heavier and requires a special clip for ammo. The clips are plentiful.
6. The M1 has a greater effective range.
7. The M1 has greater collector value, just don't pay too much for it.
8. If you don't pay attention when loading the M1 can give you a sore thumb.

I do not own an SKS, it does well what it was designed to do. I prefer American made firearms. Lots of pros and cons.
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