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Originally Posted by overthere
When people use the way too common 'two wrong things make a right' argument such as "Well cars kill people too, let's ban cars then". Automobiles are highly regulated, as is the ownership and operation of automobiles. Automobile deaths is a huge issue and it too needs to be, and is, addressed but it does not mean that gun violence somehow does not need to be addressed.
We've had several discussions here on TFL about the nature of firearms. Most of us agree, as we all should, since its a fact, that all firearms are weapons in and of themselves. Making false analogies about and/or equivocating on that point, is disingenuous and not helpful to our cause.

It works both ways though, firearms are not analogous to driving automobiles, etc when it comes to governmental regulation either. Driving an automobile is a privilege, owning firearms is a constitutional right. That fact can never be stressed enough in my view.

The limits on the 1st Amendment for example, are carefully defined and very narrow in their scope. The limits and restrictions already on the 2nd Amendment are too broad, too ill defined and too onerous as it is. Hence the strong objection to further eroding that right.
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."- Thomas Jefferson
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