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A problem with heavy slugs is follow-up shots. I use Brenneke 3-inch Black Magic Magnum slugs and second and third shots are fairly slow because of recoil. The slug is 1-3/8 ounce load (600 grains) with a muzzle velocity of 1500 FPS - it's a hard recoil round even in a gas operated, soft recoiling, semi-auto shotgun. Because of the hard recoil on the 3-inch round, most bear hunters, guides, etc. use the Black Magic 2-3/4 inch slug. I use the 3-inch slug because I live in the western US and the larger round gives nearly the same velocity as the 2-3/4 inch slug with more energy at 100 yards.

If you want slugs for home defense, you might want to look at the Brenneke Home Defense slug. It trades off sheer power for controllability and follow-up shots. You may also want to try the Brenneke Special Forces Short Magnum slug - although the manufacturer warns of over penetration as has been previously described.

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