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"Collectors frequently come across .44 and .45 caliber cartridges with a .22 R.F. blank inserted backwards into the nose of a hollow point bullet. The problem is that the target has to be hard enough to detonate the explosive, and usually there is not enough blast ot be effective."

One of the earliest versions of those was the Hoxie bullets, made at the tail end of the black powder era. Apparently the most common version used a steel ball inserted in the tip, but some apparently used primers, and others used .22 short blanks.

On the steel ball... In the 1970s and 1980s Winchester made .25 ACP ammo with a steel ball in the tip to promote expansion.

All of that said...

Please note that putting a primer in the nose of a hollow point may very well be against the law in your area.

If you decide to try this (and I can't imagine why you would), you're on your own legally.
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