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OP, for what it is worth I too wish there would be more room for a dialog on the issue of gun violence. I am a gun owner and I wish the overall volume on both sides of the spectrum could be tuned down and a reasonable discussion / dialog around cause and effect could be had.

The following things really irk me:

- When people say that the solution to gun violence is to ban guns. This is a knee-jerk reaction either from people who do not know anything about guns and therefore fear them, or from politicians who thinks it makes it look as if they are doing something.

- When people say that there is no such things as gun owner responsibilities, only gun owner rights. Tiresome as it is, the analogy with the first amendment not giving the right to yell 'fire' in a movie theater is relevant. There need to be responsibilities that come along with gun ownership, such as making a reasonable effort in keeping guns away from minors and other individuals that should not have access to guns (as one example). To state that the second amendment should infer only rights and no responsibilities is invalid. There are regulations around gun ownership and there needs to be regulations around gun ownership.

- When people say that the solution to gun violence is to ban 'assault weapons'. I have read too many articles by ignorant authors who do not have a basic understanding about guns.

- When people say that the discussion to be had is about gun control. The discussion to be had is around gun violence and how to reduce it. Are there components of that solution that involves additional regulation of gun ownership? I do not know but I would be open to hearing about specific solutions as long as they are accompanied by actual data to back up claims being made. There is too much emotion and knee-jerk reactions.

- When people use the way too common 'two wrong things make a right' argument such as "Well cars kill people too, let's ban cars then". Automobiles are highly regulated, as is the ownership and operation of automobiles. Automobile deaths is a huge issue and it too needs to be, and is, addressed but it does not mean that gun violence somehow does not need to be addressed.
Why do so many people have an 'all spikes out' defense mechanism when it comes to the topic of gun violence? Why is it assumed that any discussion on this topic would somehow result in 'them taking our guns'?

I wish that there could be a sensible discussion around gun violence with true cause and effect being examined, based on data rather than emotion. To try to determine what can be done to reduce gun violence. Why is it that a reasonable dialog cannot be held about reducing gun violence?
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