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technically 4 different ones cover most handguns... small pistol, small pistol magnum, large pistol, large pistol magnum...
Winchester Large Pistol primers are labled "For Standard and Magnum Loads" .... there are no Winchester Large Magnum Pistol Primers, that I know of .....

I will only be reloading several pistol cartridges, starting with 40S&W and 38 Special, but later will add 45acp and 380acp. Will I need more than one size primer?
You will need:

-for .40S&W, 38 Special, .380ACP all use small pistol primers (Winchester or Federal Small Pistol, CCI 500, Remington 1 1/2, etc....... dunno why CCI and Remington can't just say "small pistol", instead of having some goofy number assigned to them ..... )

- For 99% of .45 ACP cases, you'll need large pistol primers (WIN and Federal call them the obvious, Remington sez "2 1/2", CCI sez "300". If you run across a .45ACP case that takes a small primer, as a favor to guys with progressive equipment that do not want to take the time to check every primer pocket on their .45 brass, smash it flat with a hammer and throw it into the scrap yard bucket......
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