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I'd like to have a Colt Detective Special, for instance, but from what I just learned on TFL, I'll have to be careful with timing issues.
Not true, as I have never heard of that, and even in the thread you reference, notice that no one has a specific example. The D frame action is different and pretty durable IMO.

I would say any of the steel frame snubs will attain a high round count, guns like the 686, GP100 and Dan Wesson 15 do well. Then smaller caliber guns in bigger frames such as the model 17, 27, 22 cal Diamondback, etc, are technically large for the caliber and task at hand. For 44 magnum, the Redhawk seems to be the most durable, but I prefer the aesthetics of a S&W, and all the rest that comes with a S&W.

All in all, it depends on how smart the owner is in a lot of these cases. There is also an element of luck here because all of these factories have made lemons. Being a handloader and then making loads higher than spec will not help and a lack of maintenance will not help either. Because of the variables, most of this thread will be opinions, but some very basic things can be agreed upon by all.
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