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Marlin guys... got a couple micro groove questions...

I'm going to be looking for one more lever gun to fill out my wall rack over the next year...

guns I'm thinking about ( yes I know they are quite different ) are 32-20, 444 Marlin, & 405 Winchester

I'm not a huge fan of the micro groove barrels ( seems like those are 1/2 worn out barrels to me, with the shallower rifling )

1st question... it's my understanding, that micro groove rifling doesn't work as well on cast bullets, which I like to shoot, have any of you had good luck with cast bullets in the micro groove barrels ???

2nd question... did Marlin ever make 444 Marlin guns with the Ballard rifling ??? ( gun Broker has 4 rifles currently listed, & all of them have micro groove barrels )

I'm unsure which rifle / caliber I want to fill the void with, but price wise, & for practicality, I'm leaning towards the 444 Marlin, but think I'd like a non micro groove barrel to shoot cast bullets...
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