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I understand shortage of 5.56... but 22 LR??

I went to Wally World to get a box of 22 LR to go plinking with my son. I fully expected to see bare shelves in 5.56/.223, 7.62x39 (as these calibers are most threatened by potential legislative action), and the more popular pistol calibers (just because that's how panic buying goes...)

I was shocked to learn that there hasn't been a 22 LR cartridge availble for sale in my little town since days after CT. Of four retailers in town who sell inventory of the expected calibers, but I was really surprised about rimfire. Even the online suppliers i've checked are out of stock of almost all popular 22 LR ammo.

I've seen the finer points SEN Feinstein's proposed legislation, and monitored discussion here and elsewhere, and other than the large capacity magazines, I cannot come up with any reason 22LR could be affected by any bill that has any chance of getting through congress.

Maybe the panic buying of 22LR is just part of a larger fear of a new punative tax on all ammunition? Or am I missing something?
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