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Sorry, 1K is NOT mid-priced when it comes to quality SxS. With their hand-fitting and labor requirements, basic Spanish boxlock ones start about $3500 and then you go up from there to the English "Best" guns that have a few more zeros added on.

That being said, there are a few from Turkey that get good marks. The now discontinued S&W Elite Gold (and the Dickinson sold at Cabela's) come from the same maker in Turkey - NOT Huglu like the CZ, and are very well made, but they will run about $1400 or so. If you go used, you should be able to find a Spanish "Uggie", (Ugartechea) boxlock for about $1200-$1500.

Either will give you a lot of gun for the money.

Mark DeHaan imported Huglu guns and then went through them and fixed the issues before shipping them to customers. He might have some as well, but they will be above your $1k budget.

As to the CZ - these Huglu-guns seem to be hit or miss in quality. Now and again, we hear that someone got a good one and it is still working; however,many have had a lot of issues with them from poor triggers and firing pins to complete breakdowns. These are the guns that basically gave all Turkish guns a bad name. While they are getting better, I would not recommend one at this time
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