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I DO NOT CLAIM TO BE AN AUTHORITY so this is definitely FWIW...

I became interested in the 10/22 after attending an Appleseed two years ago. It is the ideal gun for that training. I started looking and reading and pricing. I ended up with SS and laminated stock already tricked out and dead on accurate.

I have continued to follow 10/22's on several gun forums and I have never seen an adverse comment about old vs. new guns. There are so many options available that if there is something you don't like, just change it.

I have just recently purchased two NIB 10/22's in an AR configuration (have a hissy fit, Diane) for my grand kids to get them started in Appleseed.

Want to know more about Appleseeds go to:

I like the 10/22's but I love my Browning BL22 (lever action, short throw), the tube feed just does not work for the configurations you have to set up for the RWVA (Appleseed sponsor) events.
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