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If I were you I'd have at least one AR in the gun safe, but here lately you'd be luck to find one. Stag Arms has posted that they are one year backordered on all their AR rifles and pistols. One year! that's just insane. At least hold on to your SKS until the political smoke clears on the future of the AR15. When the AWB either dies on the vine, or become law you'll get a better idea of what the real market will be. Right now though rifles, ammo, high cap magazines, uppers and lowers are harder than hen's teeth to find. I'm thankful to have owned my rifles well before Obama and the anti gun crowd took control. I'll be OK unless they conger up some way to confiscate AR rifles from legitimate owners. I wouldn't put it past Feinstein and company to try just that. Until then the wife and I are fairly stingy with our AR sessions at the gun club. It's getting harder to replace the ammo we use and I like keeping ammo on hand.
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