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Mr Warning Shot... Sir...

I think your taking my opinions out of context, and drawing a totally incorrect conclusion.

You mention several wartime beach landings. This discusion isnt about a wartime situation. But since you bring it up... There firearms werent carried concieled. They were openly carried. The individuals carrying then had no choice but to be armed as they were engaged in an invasion. Not to forget Anzio, Juno, Omaha beaches as well... Then in Koria.. well I think you get my point. Military weapons are manufactured to have military tolerances, and they are cleaned and lubricated often... (Though they dont show that part in the movies)

I stand by my opinion that a can of pepper spray would be more practical. I base it on my own experiences from working at a pulic beach. Other than having sand kicked in your face, or a few sandwiches stolen how much of a real danger are you in at the beach? Just for arguments sake... Lets say you are set upon by some miscreant... At a crowded beach... is that the place to open fire and shoot him till he's down?... Or do you think that could be considered reckless? Even at an uncrowded beach?

I dont know if the City Councel of L/A was the ones to decide if the Officers need patrol rifles or not. I agree that it was a poor decision. Remember That shootout was an event that would have been almost impossible to predict. I agree that if the Officers had patrol rifles the end may have come sooner. I wasnt there so I cant/wont comment on the handling of the incident. anyway it didnt happen at the beach. But urban big city police is a different job than a beach patrol. Could something happen that would require the beach patrol to need a rifle? Sure... there could be an invasion at that beach, or a gang of thugs open fire at their target while he's at the beach... It could happen. If we prepare for any, and every imagined possibility were not going to enjoy the beach very much, or any recreation for that matter.

The last quote was taken totally out of context. Rare is the incident where a different in size justifies the use of deadly force. And thats just the way it is... like it or not.Some may quote the new buzz phrase (DISPARITY OF FORCE) Good luck with that one... It's an accepted self defense theory.

As your post suggests I'm for denying a persons right to carry where ever they want. Nothing could be further from the truth, or further from my personal belief. I am however suggesting that there are times when carrying a firearm is not practical. There are times when carrying a firearm may be more trouble than it's worth.

The O/P was asking for suggestions in choosing an inexpensive gun to take with him to the beach. My recomendation is a can of pepper spray. Excuse me warning shot, but I tend to try and qualify my answers. That is all.

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