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Gunbroker has had four full pages of SKS rifles for days. A few days ago a nice, refurbished Albanian was bid only up to about $300.
Although some on GB now have laughable prices, many have initial (seller) prices, or those following a few bids which are only $350-$400.

Considering that in March '08, months before that watershed election a fair number were listed at $270-300, today's prices really aren't bad.
Adding the fully-adjustable Tech Sight is very easy and makes it much more accurate.

When the AR price bubble starts to deflate (weeks from now?), or pops, it should bring down both SKS and AK prices with it.
No price bubble lasts forever: lots of AR/AK buyers never needed or wanted them before the recent panic; wives' "frustration" and increased Obamacare costs/taxes (or layoffs, reduced hours caused by new employer healthcare costs) will put many back into the market.

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