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DHart, I have to say your post does make since. Maybe I can just hold off on selling any of my production guns, instead of shelling out $2500.00- $3000.00 on a high end custom. Thanks
Hey man... you're welcome. The holy grail of 1911's isn't having a lot of them, or even having an uber-expensive elite brand name model. Nice thing is you don't have to spend all that money to find this out.

The better grade, well-established brand, production models can be awesome guns indeed. Colt is making superb 1911's these days and is one of my favorite 1911 makers. Settle in on one or two solid production models and become one with them. This way you will know the weapon so intimately that full trust in reliability and true confident accuracy will be assured.

The more guns you own, the less you can know reliability and attain superb accuracy on most of them. As the old saying goes, "beware the man who only owns 1 gun, for he probably knows how to shoot it exceptionally well!"

You may find, after much use, that doing a tweak or mod here or there is helpful, but you don't need to make changes and expensive customization "just because you can". Leaving well enough alone until you're certain a change is needed is the way to go. And will save you a lot of money.

Many a 1911 owner has undertaken numerous tweaks and mods because they thought that was "the thing to do" - it's easy to believe that to be the case when you see all the products out there for changing and modding a 1911. Often, however, they wind up with a gun that has lost it's reliability and, if permanently changed, has probably lost it's original value (in addition to the upgrade costs) as well.

I would avoid the bottom tier of very inexpensive 1911's and step up to buy a better-grade production level gun to start with and then master it. Interestingly, I often preferred shooting and carrying my Colts even with Wilsons and Browns in the safe ready to go. Those are certainly nice guns, but I honestly don't feel the money is that well spent on them. Just my personal view and others may differ.
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