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I currently own three DA Colts, A 32/20 OP circa 1931, a Colt Marshal circa 1955?, Cobra, newish, no shroud. Use to own quite a few D frames 30 years or so ago...dick specials, diamondbacks, etc. Worked on them thru info from Skeeter Skelton articles, lengthening hands lightening springs, probably not Colt gunsmith approved. The 32/20 when I recieved it would allow the cylinder to roatate backwards with a little pressure. Took it apart and did some filing to the rear of the bolt and all was well. All my current Colt bolts do not drop into the cylinder notch with a thumb retarding rotation SA. They all lock up tight, (hand pushing notch against bolt), DA. They are all accurate particularly the 32/20 with my cast handloads. Not wanting to steal the thread,but would like to know if Dfariswheel knows how tough the OPs are. I have shot the heavy Skelton and Keith loads in the Marshal and the only reason I don't anymore because of the pain caused by factory grips...Am I on a ranting tangent?
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