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I think the biggest myth/misconception I see with buck is that "x" oz or grains of shot is the same as that in a slug or "#4 buck is still pretty much a slug at HD range"... like lefteye touched on.

Went round and round with a co-worker/shooting buddy on that one. Best explanation I could come up with was "Would you rather have me huck a solid 1 pound rock at you or 1 pound of pea gravel?" It clicked after that.

I keep 2 3/4 00 buck in both my 12's at home, with one 3 1/2" shell in my 870 stuffed in first so it'd be the last shell I fire, I figure if I run through all the shorter ones I probably need that super mag load to settle things. Follow up shot is slow at best after a 16 pellet shell for me so it's best to leave that one for last.

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