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With all due respect Garbler any gunsmith who can not fit a S&W hand has no business calling himself a gunsmith. The tip does not have to be filed and shaped it come that way and the tip only carries the cylinder through the first 30 degrees of it's 60 degree rotation(assuming a six shot). The balance is accomplished by the side of the hand is more of a pushing than lifting. Here hand thickness is paramount. You generally don't have to do any work to the window in the frame unless it is a really old worn gun and then at most you just square it up.
The ratchet teeth will all be the same height. If they are not then someone has messed with it and it is time for a new ratchet. Here it is a good idea to send it in as S&W can cut the teeth on the ratchet while it is installed in your gun and most Smiths don 't have the broach tool to do this properly. A S&W repair guy can cut all six teeth in less than a minute. Really all you need to do is measure your hand window and order the correct thickness hand if it needs to be reduced a bit a flat bench stone makes short work of it.
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