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Ahhh, but how shall you define it when I haven't bought even a bit of any component in well more than a month -- yet I have a fine supply on hand?

It's just that I learned back in 2008 that I couldn't have too much of something that I'm absolutely certain that I will use.

I don't like it that folks can't find what they need and it bothers me that anyone feeds the beast with some of the prices they pay, but I'm not worried about my "needs" at this point because my needs are covered for the time being.

I've spent more money on component bullets in the year 2012 than ever, and more than most of the past combined.

I suppose we can label it as anything, but is the term "hoarding" accurate if my sole intention is to consume every bit of it, and I have 0 motivation to sell any of it, even at the stupid prices we've seen in these situations?

Remember what we saw with primers in '08? Guys selling them for $60, $75 per thousand on Ebay, when most knew darn well they (likely) had no legal and proper method to even ship a hazmat?
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